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With New Year’s behind us, many people find themselves consumed by ideas of negative body image. This is the time to reevaluate what really matters in life. We all have a certain image of what we would like to see but how realistic are your goals and at what cost. I have tried every diet out there and wasted money. I’m here to respond to your many questions.

Ditch the Diet and Weight Loss Plans

The reality is that we run extremely busy lives. In the ideal world our meals would be prepped all day, everyday but that would cost a fortune and probably be pretty boring as well. I have a few ideas on how to set up some realistic goals towards your lifestyle plan.

#1 Structure and Plans

Look inside your heart for what you will and won’t do. (You know best!)

Realistic Goals e.g. 8 weeks to build lasting habits and see changes. (That’s not drama; its true!)

Real food provides real results; nutritious and divine!

Ditch the candy, cookies, alcohol, crackers, and (you know) the other bad but delicious treats.

In 3 months you will be so proud of yourself and look ridiculously hot too!

#2 Train the Brain

The brain is simply remarkable but its takes repetitive action to train responses. Like riding a bike or walking for the first time. Have patience and don’t give up! 21 days is the official time-frame to create lasting habits. You’ve got this!

Exercise 10 to 15 minutes per day intensely. The metabolism will fire up and the fat will burn burn burn. (That’s what you want!)

Stay tuned for part 2… I have loads to share! There are no miracle methods to finding nutritional balance. We are all divine and unique. Health and happiness go hand in hand.

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