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Working on print campaigns is exciting stuff! I have to admit I love what I do so it’s very easy for me to “werk,” as they say. I like to bring a little VA-VA-VOOM to everything I touch. It’s pretty awesome seeing my face on a print campaign ad. I once was driving the family on the 401 on-route to Toronto when one of the kids looked up and said, “Mom! There you are on that highway billboard!” Of course I didn’t believe him, but it was true! A wonderful ad showcasing custom high-end couture fashion.

Seeing is believing. We live in a world that is fast and furious. We are hungry for marketing. That is why the print world is so successful. There is a niche for just about anything. Have you ever picked up a catalogue and simply loved what you saw? I thought so! There is no way that you will see a “wow” picture without amazing photographers and lighting involved. That’s another post altogether! It boils down to true technique and style.

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