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Feels like I haven’t done a post in a while and that would be a true story! You know how a week feels like 2 days…Now picture having 4 kids in the mix. I think the picture is getting a little clearer:}. No more excuses-I always have time to share something exciting and new.

Honestly though..Ive missed you!! I walked into Nordstorm at the Rideau Centre and I scored this beauty (Offcourse I have to show you ) I’m tassel obsessed and it was love at first sight. It was sale aswell-bonus! Who doesn’t love a deal. Stella McCartney has won my heart again. The Falabella Embroidered Faux Brushed bag is Ravishing.

I’m gonna make it short and sweet- I’m off to workout at Orange Theory to fit into my dress this weekend (Pray for Me:}


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