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Escape Winter At the Diplomat Beach Resort

Reading Ottawa Style On the Beach.

Photo Credit -Ashley Fraser

We had the most amazing time at the Diplomat Beach Resort on Hollywood Beach a few weeks ago. Lots of people have mentioned this resort and decided to plan a trip. It was a -1o day in Ottawa and I decided to look for a last minuet ticket to fort Lauderdale. Luckily I found a super special with Air Canada. All the stars were lining up (or at least that’s what I told myself) I decided to take 2 of the younger children because the older children had commitments at school. They were sad but I used my mom bribery skills (it goes a little like this) Next time is your turn for sure and I’m gonna find u some cool lego (wink wink)

From the moment we reached the airport it took 12 min to reach the resort…Uber is the best. The resort is massive but so easy to navigate. Having 4 kids makes me the queen of knowing what is kid friendly or not and I recommend this resort 110%. The staff are super helpful and there are things for you to do all day, everyday. Not to mention kids day programmes and prepared mini lunches(the cutest Sea Explorers around) I’m a serious foodie and loved the healthy options at every café and restaurant. The prices are on the higher side for adult meals. There was a Publix grocery store around the corner, so it was easy to prepare picnics and snacks. The name of the game is preparation ALWAYS. A 2 thumbs up kinda spot.We needed our cheesecake factory fix, so we went to Aventura Mall-it was absolutely spectacular. Luxury on another level. The kids were super excited because we found the lego store. We eventually bought the presents to bring back home. I got 3 workouts in at the exclusive gym onsite at the Diplomat. It was easy to do since its open 24hrs. I’m a fitness junkie and this facility made me very happy. Cheers to an awesome mini vacation.

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