Making Time For Us – Finding JOY

My husband and I had a beautiful anniversary weekend away from the busy lives we lead with four kids. Its hard to steal moments to nurture our every growing relationship. After four kids and the chores that life has on a daily basis. Here are a few thoughts about making time for ‘US’

Random Thoughts (But So True)

We believe that time, like money, and even love, is an aspect that is eternally lacking.

If someone were to dare to reveal that they have a lot of time, then we often judge them; they are either “lucky” to have a lot of privileges, like money, or simply “lazy.” (hahaha)

Most of us grew up hearing cliched statements about time…all the time: Stop wasting time!” or “Time is precious,” or “Time’s a tickin!” 

Our relationship with time and actually, all of life’s essentials is heavily conditioned. (WE live in a society of over planning and filling up our days to the maximum. Working hard and really draining the tank of the essential fuel from pure JOY.

These belief systems about time especially shape our entire existence.

What if this entire understanding of time was completely wrong? What if this lack and fear based relationship to time was completely faulty? How would our lives look then? (a really fun excercise)

The reason we are rushed, stressed and overwhelmed in our lives is because we believe that all of life’s resources are in scarce supply. Go within yourself and you will see that this is true.

ney, time and resources – you will see that lurking within them is an idea that you could always have more of that…

more self-worth
more beauty
more love
more money
more time
more this and more that


Presence is the ability to be fully aware of one’s present moment. It requires that we suspend thought, ideas, opinions and beliefs. We simply are. In quite the same way very young children simply are. They live unencumbered by agendas and doing things. They are fully engaged in their here and now. And they have all the time in the world. For them a few hours is a long time indeed.

Time is a construction.  

This means that we have power to change the construction. How? By changing our relationship to it. (MAKING TIME FOR EACHOTHER)

Which of course means changing all our relationships. Starting with the one we have with LIFE itself.

When we slow down and engage in life as it appears in here and now, without an attachment to how it should look like tomorrow, then time itself slows down.

This approach has embedded in it the premise of abundance.

There is no where to go but the to enter the present moment.

Without an attachment to the future or a specific outcome, we find ourselves released from expectation.

A release from expectation brings about a release of judgment and pressure.

Devoid of pressure, the present moment suddenly becomes infinite.

Do you see how you can change your entire relationship to time? And even love, money and so on?

Once you remove labels, judgment, identities, expectations, agendas and fantasies, then the present moment reveals itself to us. It may not always be pain-free, but our acceptance of it as it is, allows us to surrender to it.

When we surrender to the present moment, we realize that it is eternally giving. It is always giving us something. There is always a gift to be found in the present moment.

This revelation of continued abundance allows us to ease into life itself, with a deep and knowing trust that all will be as it is meant to.

Time then loses it’s hold on us.

We stop caring about tomorrow as much, and don’t care about filling our days with a thousand things.

We care about the quality of the present moment only.

Are we here or are we not?

If we are here, are we fully here?

If we are fully here, then we are only here and nowhere else.

If we are nowhere else then there is nowhere to be but here.

If we are only meant to be here then we are fully grateful to this moment.

And all of life opens itself to us.

We are now abundant.

Now, there is infinite time.

We now have made time and space for the infinite.
Here lies the end of COMPLAINING

And infinite joy.





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