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Fiercely Fabulous!! – Stepping Out In Style 2.0

Photo Credit @RichardTardif

What does it truly mean to be fiercely fabulous? I am extremely proud to be taking part in the 2nd annual Stepping Out In Style 2.0 fashion show  presented by TAMIR


This fashion show is to demonstrate that regardless of shape, size or ability, we are all beautiful and have talents and aspirations to be celebrated.  Join us for this one-of-a-kind fashion show – together let’s be fiercely fabulous for inclusion! A bigger, better fashion show featuring diversley-abled models with over 400 guests. All funds raised will be allocated towards supporting Tamir’s programming for its participants.

I had the true honour of spending time with the participants and the excitement is building up. It is the very first time in my entire career that I felt so invested in a fashion show. This truly drives home the message that we can be anything we want to be. There are no limits!! The only way to describe this is imperfectly PERFECT. Im bursting with pride to see the willingness in this phenomenal community.


The Vision

Tamir’s Stepping Out In Style Fashion Show is Ottawa’s only fashion show featuring diversely-abled models, professional models, and community leaders. Our second year planning this innovative fashion show initiative where we are teaming up with fashion designers and retailers to prove that all people deserve a chance to pursue their dream.

Stepping out in Style bring together both adaptive wear and local talents onto the red carpet, and all diversely abled models onto the stage to strut their stuff on the catwalk! n collaboration with local designers, professional models, Ottawa based hair makeup artists, Tamir Annual Fashion Show will be an opportunity to showcase the beauty in all different body types, ages and disabilities.  The professionals on the run-way are not only run-way models, but role models for generations to come.


I cant wait to see you there.




The Class of 2019

The Sweetest Smiles, born to be a MODEL

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