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What I do for REAL!

Happy Weekend and can we get just real for a moment! I woke up this morning with full intention of getting outside, but I was in total disbelief! Snow at the end of April -(.  I imagined myself going for a run and hitting a patio in the city but BOOM! Mother Nature is playing tricks this year. A cold 2dg brrrr

Ive had a busy week with work, mom life and getting back into my fitness game. One of the TOP questions of the week is “What I Do On A Daily”. Being a mother of four adorable kiddos is my full time #job but they are getting older and their is more time to get a solid routine into play. I would like to call my job a full time “Life ER (Living Life and sharing moments with you!) – I heard this term at a blogging conference and could relate 100%.


I’ve been giving a lot of thought recently to lifestyle blogging, and the still-young and every-growing industry it inhabits.

Unlike fashion or beauty blogging (Which are my loves TOO, which have one particular focus, lifestyle blogging is a unique blend of interests pieced together by the author of each individual lifestyle blog.

For a few years now, I feel like I have been naturally aligning with the ‘lifestyle blogger’ label, rather than a ‘fashion’ one – despite fashion being where I first started.

With this shift to lifestyle, rather than a specific topic, I feel I am able to better share a ‘blend’ of topics which interest me at this stage in my life.

I am going deeper into what lifestyle blogging means for me and how you can hone in on the ‘blend’ of your own lifestyle blog. I hope today’s post will still resonate with you. We are all piecing together our lifestyles, so whether you choose to share yours in a blog format or not, I believe it is worthwhile giving thought to what makes you tick. I follow so many amazing bloggers and each one is so unique. Love watching their journey and reading their posts. I believe that we are all just in transition and the future is exciting.

Thoughts :




I am still in the process of finding my flow and im inspired by my readers. Most of my viewers still go directly to Instagram but I believe their is so much more to say on the blog. I lead an interesting and diverse life. Authenticity means everything when it comes to my brand. At the end of each post or story I want the viewer to leave feeling inspired and motivated to be the best they can be. This journey started by complete coincidence and I cant wait to tell you about that someday soon.



I am so blessed to have you here and look forward to sharing my life with you


XX Jodie


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Revolve Festival 2019 – Journey To Palm Springs


Festival Days Are The Best Days

I just got back from the hottest party of the year put on by Revolve, it probably sounds familier because most of us – glamorous women spend our days drooling over their show stopping fashion pieces. This was a last minute trip and I honestly scrambling to get flights and accommodation. Little did I know but Coachella is the same weekend and brings in hundreds wait, thousands of beautiful people to Palm Springs. I probably spent 8hrs looking for somewhere to stay, get a car and the eventually used Expedia as my one stop shop! Woo Hoo


Revolve Festival 2019  (Click HERE FOR THE VIDEO)


It has been on my bucket list to attend Coachella but thats going to happen another year for sure. I love music, fashion and this was the trip of the year so far. I met so many influencers, bloggers, fashion icons and industry elites. The energy was dynamic and I felt like I was on pre workout the entire day (Im laughing now). I spoke to a few people that have attended festivals in the Vally for the last five years and they were pros.


Where to stay?


La Quinta Resort

JW Marriot Palm Springs

(Be sure to book 2 months in advance at least. (There were a lot of third party sites scamming people)


Timing is Everything?

-Make sure you get to wrist band pick up and shuttle pickup 1 hr in advance.

-carry a water bottle and sunblock to wait in line (it was 32Dg Hot Hot and Hot).

-The drive to the location is 30 min long.

-Everything gets busier as the day goes on.

What I packed in my backpack? Blinged out fancy backpack off course



-spare dress (easy slip on and a scarf) Gets cooler as the night goes on

-bandaids (blisters happen in the heat) Shoe selection is vital

-I carried basic touch up makeup (Powder and lip tint)

-Bandana (Just like a 😎)

Things to do around Palm Springs?

-The wind turbines are so cool!

-Pool days at your hotel or elsewhere

-Hot springs and different natural plunge pools (Miracle Hot Springs in Joshua Tree)

-The cheese cake factory is AMAZING

Whenever we were on the road, Starbucks came in handy.

Shopping in Palm Springs?

I always end up at Kohls and Target somehow!

Homegoods is great

I mostly shopped the REVOLVE STORE

This weekend I was totally inspired by the people around me. So much beauty and mostly things to be grateful for. Some of my celebrity and almost celebrity  crushes that I was standing next too Kendall Jenner, Justinc, Jasmin Saunders, Camila Coelho, Janice  Joostemaa, Cardi B,

WE had such a great time and look forward to going back to the Coachella Valley. The girls and I drove back from Palm Springs to LA (Lotsa Traffic) for a quick adventure to Venice Beach. Definitely worth a visit and LA is just amazing in general. The vibe and atmosphere is addictive. Took 5 or maybe 50 pics of the sunset and flew back to Canada.

See you on instagram gorgeous





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Using Sweatcoin In My Everyday Life

The digital world knows our time is precious, they understand we are hard-working #girlbosses.

In the era of a digital society, we incorporate digital tools in our everyday life. Answers and solutions are now at the tip of our fingers to create a much easier lifestyle to practice. It’s actually totally normal to live and work in a completely digital environment because it’s the fastest form of communication! Time is precious, and the digital world is helping us live more efficiently. 💡

If you’re a #bossmom like me, you often find yourself wishing you had more hours in the day.

It’s safe to say that we can’t make time to do everything in life, right? Being a wife, mom, and content creator is no easy job, but it’s a life I am blessed to have and would never want to change! I am always looking to better improve my lifestyle, which is why I am so excited to share with everyone a secret weapon that has inspired me in a very special way. 📲

The Sweatcoin app pays you to be active, it’s as simple and easy as that.

By tracking steps and physical activity, the Sweatcoin app converts your physical activity into Sweatcoins. We earn real life cash for simply taking a walk, going for a run, basically moving around. On top of that, you can earn Sweatcoins and put them towards gift cards, equipment, phones, watches, and so on! 😍 No hassle, no pressure, simply download the app and anyone can begin to earn. Can you believe there is a team out there who wants to reward us for walking? I love technology.

All I have to say is it pays to be active, literally!

Using the Sweatcoin app has in a way, changed my life. I find myself feeling so determined to reach fitness goals – whether they are big or small – because I know I’m not only benefiting myself, but my wallet too! I love that I can track my steps everyday and seeing that they are actually ‘worth’ something. It would almost be silly not to have this app because these are free rewards for just doing something you already do everyday! Can we start getting paid to breathe yet? 😅

Everyone deserves a long life and happiness.

By incorporating a little more physical activity in your day, you can now not only improve your health, but earn money at the same time! 😱 I love that we get to live in a generation where saying this is a true possibility. I haven’t had to create a huge 360 degree turn in my life in order to find the motivation to do a little extra physical activity everyday. I feel extra motivated to do more with my children, I feel more motivated to walk, I feel more motivated overall.

I’ve started a rewarding journey in my life.

As a goal for this year, I have found myself wanting to try a lot of new things. I want to explore not just the world, but more about myself too. And as I continue to travel to new places, I want to incorporate the healthiest lifestyle so I can continue to do all the things I love! Motivation is key to be able to reach all your goals, right? At the end of the day, we must find it in ourselves to make the positive changes that we want to see. 😊

I love being part of something that makes a difference.

I love content creation as much as I love helping people. Between my family time and my work time, I love sharing great tools that everyone can benefit from, like Sweatcoin! This is a team who cares and the message behind the brand is one of the most thoughtful out there. It would be silly of me not to share the brilliant idea of fitness with real cash rewards. Let’s get active and let’s make a difference together. ❤️

Sign up for the app today here!

The fam live in Australia!
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