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What I do for REAL!

Happy Weekend and can we get just real for a moment! I woke up this morning with full intention of getting outside, but I was in total disbelief! Snow at the end of April -(.  I imagined myself going for a run and hitting a patio in the city but BOOM! Mother Nature is playing tricks this year. A cold 2dg brrrr

Ive had a busy week with work, mom life and getting back into my fitness game. One of the TOP questions of the week is “What I Do On A Daily”. Being a mother of four adorable kiddos is my full time #job but they are getting older and their is more time to get a solid routine into play. I would like to call my job a full time “Life ER (Living Life and sharing moments with you!) – I heard this term at a blogging conference and could relate 100%.


I’ve been giving a lot of thought recently to lifestyle blogging, and the still-young and every-growing industry it inhabits.

Unlike fashion or beauty blogging (Which are my loves TOO, which have one particular focus, lifestyle blogging is a unique blend of interests pieced together by the author of each individual lifestyle blog.

For a few years now, I feel like I have been naturally aligning with the ‘lifestyle blogger’ label, rather than a ‘fashion’ one – despite fashion being where I first started.

With this shift to lifestyle, rather than a specific topic, I feel I am able to better share a ‘blend’ of topics which interest me at this stage in my life.

I am going deeper into what lifestyle blogging means for me and how you can hone in on the ‘blend’ of your own lifestyle blog. I hope today’s post will still resonate with you. We are all piecing together our lifestyles, so whether you choose to share yours in a blog format or not, I believe it is worthwhile giving thought to what makes you tick. I follow so many amazing bloggers and each one is so unique. Love watching their journey and reading their posts. I believe that we are all just in transition and the future is exciting.

Thoughts :




I am still in the process of finding my flow and im inspired by my readers. Most of my viewers still go directly to Instagram but I believe their is so much more to say on the blog. I lead an interesting and diverse life. Authenticity means everything when it comes to my brand. At the end of each post or story I want the viewer to leave feeling inspired and motivated to be the best they can be. This journey started by complete coincidence and I cant wait to tell you about that someday soon.



I am so blessed to have you here and look forward to sharing my life with you


XX Jodie


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Heartmelt MOTEL -Pop Up Instagram Wonderland

Welcome to Heartmelt Motel, an exhibit like no other. This fun, colourful and sassy installation is an instagrammers dream! Some may call it a wonderland and these snaps can give you just a glimpse of what you have in-store.


This gorgeous pop up is making its was through four provinces in Canada at the moment. I was lucky to go to Bayshore Shopping Centre in my hometown here in Ottawa to check it out! 

It is an experience for the entire family young and old all the same. The theme is 1970 California Retro Motel, my kinda set up and I got straight into the fun atmosphere. The pop up is there until the 28th April 2019 and moving on to Vancouver.  There are five different themed hotel rooms set up and I got some really cute pictures! You may even spot a cotton candy sky or a pink cow (Just saying)

Don’t forget to jump into the pool of balls for a fun Boomerang -))










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Lets Talk Botox Babe 🌸

Prevent Prevent and Prevent!!!

Preventive beauty is where it’s at! Keep that youthful skin as long as you can.You deserve to look beautiful on your terms. Botox is the way to go and the results are unbelievable. There is no magic lotion or massage technique that can prevent wrinkles for good. I would be the first to tell you. I have tried rosehip serum, jojoba oil, and peels to exfoliate my skin. (So much more) Im obsessed with smooth baby skin that is wrinkle free. (Call me your beauty insider)

Wrinkles & aging are a fact. We are all going to get older & age. HOWEVER, I feel like we can all choose to age gracefully with simple preventative measures.

Instead of waiting until you have covered in wrinkles, do something about it now with a professional

When I was 31, I chose to get botox to deal with my 11’s lines to not look like I was deep in thought all the time. When I worked out I have a crazy vein that showed up on my forehead and I was so self conscious of it. I also have 4 children and im pretty sure I exercise my face raising my basket of kids -))

I try my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Keeping hydrated with H20 , which is the BEST detoxing agent available. Loading up with fresh fruits and vegetable and working out 30 min a day to get the blood pumping. Limiting alcohol and not smoking off offcourse. Washing of my makeup off at the end of each day and sun blocking twice a day religiously.

Do Your Research:
There are lots of advertisements about Botox and I see them just about everywhere. Im very skeptical and I research everything (Twice). I came across the Ottawa Skin Clinic in my city and went in for a consult. Dr Michon guided me through the process. How many units were recommended and his approach was smart and conservative. It is important to trust your doctor and injector. Its your FACE after all! I have seen many bad botox jobs on my travels around the world.

Show It Off:
It lasts about 3 to 4 months and I do a baby botox touch up if needed. Your body does get used to the product and the botox settles in effortlessly each time. I just had a session yesterday and it took exactly 10 minutes. I left the office applying Glo Skin Beauty Mineralized makeup  and went to my photoshoot. No swelling and No downtime is just what the doctor ordered. Here is a little fun fact that nobody tells you – You need less and less botox as time goes by due to starting early, Im not sure about you but I love that. We are have areas that bother us and its important to trust your instinct and spend time taking care of yourself. Im approaching my 40’s and im proud to show off a fresh face. You can too!

Looking after yourself never goes out of style.

Ive attached a link for you to read more about Botox and feel free to reach me.

Instagram :


X Jodie








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  • We recently started a family recipe book that highlights our absolute favourite dishes. The kids think this is the best thing ever and are totally into documenting everything. We basically started a tradition and this makes me sooo happy ❤️ Life’s small gains are huge #wins @goop #ingoophealth
  • Flowers from my baby girl is the sweetest way to wake up on a Saturday morning. I think I need to do an entire segment on mother’s and daughters. Love each of my kids alike with all my heart but there is something unique when a daughter is growing and learning from her mama ⭐️🌸
  • Walking into the weekend with an enthusiastic stride 🌸🌸🌸🌸 I’m on the hunt for Cherry Blossoms to go with my outfit. If you see any in your city, let me know. I was talking to my husband the other night and I think Japan is on the list for next year. I’m dreaming of dancing in Cherry Blossom Gardens 🌸 @revolve @revolvebeauty 📸 @irina_shakhova_photographe 
Outfit @michaelcostello 
Shades @mymymy 
Jewelery @armcandymtl
  • Following my appointment and GLO peel last week at @jagcosmetics, my skin was feeling amazing - smooth and glowing! (What a treat!)⭐️We went home with a number of @vivierskin products, including the full GrenzCine line, which includes the GrenzCine Serum, Eye, Neck, and Body. The line is great for anti-aging, skin rejuvenation ,but also a perfect line for post-treatment that’s easy to do at home. It helps boost the hydration of the skin and keeps it looking luminous. My skin has definitely managed to maintain it's glow and I'm loving the anti-aging effects I'm seeing already. Excited to see my continued results with these products! Promise to keep you posted! #vivierskin #thebeautyofresults #ad
  • Now where are my beach side cocktails 🐬🐟🐠 - Reality is I’m just daydreaming and currently making  a cuppa tea #reallife . The truth is this shoot happened and I had the time of my life. Those kinda memories are worth reposting over and over 🐚
  • You don’t ever need permission to be the best version of yourself. I have trained myself not to hold back on what is intended for me. Inch by inch there is a little magic waiting. The road may not be easy or smooth but keep going ⭐️⭐️ @revolve @revolvebeauty #revolvearoundtheworld 📸 @irina_shakhova_photographe

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