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Merry Ho Ho Ho ~ We finally got a family picture

The holidays can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Each year I get so excited to take the perfect family picture and the entire family just runs away to play in the snow or whip up some cookies in my perfectly curated outfits. This year was a little different! I caught them off guard at 7.30am and set everything up beforehand-)).

I know what your thinking, thats sooo smart. I gave them a quick breakfast of Eggo’s and fruit. I also told them a few white lies about how Santa is always watching. Unfortunately they are getting older and they are on to my every word. My 7 year old then advised me that is literally impossible because Santa is old and needs more rest these days (Boo Hoo) thats true! and then he said I say the same thing every year (Thats true too)

I got them perfectly lined up and wouldn’t you know I forgot my lense in another bag. I left them alone for 5 mins and a crazy fight broke out over Christmas lists and candy over the holidays. (This is the reason parents drink wine at night-))

We solved that issue and set up again! With 2 kids happy and 2 kids grumpy and a perfect timer we shot 40 photos with the hope that a few would be “The Christmas Photo” Here they are, you can tell me what you think?

Amongst all the chaos we wouldn’t change a thing. There is nothing like family and there is no place like home. We are completely blessed and this family picture will remain one of my favourites. There are many imperfections and that what makes things unique.

Lets make the holidays whatever we want them to be, lets invest in quality time and maximize on the memories. Life is short and we are trying our best each and everyday. You got this!!


Many Blessings

The Jodie and #jcrew


Photo Credit : Yours Truly

PJ’s : La Vie en Rose


Love this picture so much. Your never too old to make a special wish. He is crossing his fingers hard for an iPhone X -))

Its literally impossible to get everyone in the picture, perfectly happy and behaved. A picture is worth 1000 words and memories and im just feeling #blessed. 

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Insta Fashion -Kids Takeover

I love seeing my kiddos in their element. We teamed up with lazy pants and did a mini photoshoot in ottawa along the Rideau canal. The kids loved the lookbook and decided to do a mini workout mid photoshoot. Their little personalities are thriving and it bings me so much of joy to take them along on my blogging journey. This year the blog has taken us far and wide…

How adorable is this athletic look? Lazy pants and 08 do an incredible job. The kids didn’t complain about taking them off because they were way too comfortable. If you have kids, your well aware that if they are uncomfortable – They don’t mind letting you know! I like choosing pieces are are colour neutral for boys and girls. Makes life way easier when choosing a look book for all the kids. The children are similar ages which helps dramatically.

Be sure to check out the brand and let me know your thoughts. @lazypants



Jodie and the #jcrew






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I found this note I wrote 2 years ago about -School Holiday Rules-

Running a busy household, career and school holidays has been very interesting over the last few years. I found this note I wrote 2 years ago that I had up on the fridge and the funny thing is that the kids still follow 80% of it. Hope this can help you structure your days aswell. 10 weeks is an extremely long time to have no structure and plan for a child specially. I say this because of having 4 kids under 11 years old. Lists literally save my life-))







There is always time ifor iPads, Computers and Video games but lets save that for when we take breaks from the fun we are having or for days when the weather is just not great.

Things we have to do daily:


Make our beds

Prepare a good breakfast

Dress up

Brush our teeth (Dad and I love your smile)

  • 20 minutes of reading
  • 20 minutes of crafts and colouring (letters to friends you miss)
  • Give mom ideas for healthy but delicious snacks
  • Tidy up before we head outside for some serious biking, trampolining and swimming
  • Help Dad and I with tasks we have around for the day
  • Prepare meals you love
  • Call a friend

Looks like you are having a superb and fun day. Journal everything so you can read it at the end of the summer vacation.


XO Mom




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  • Sometimes I’m truly amazed by shopping in my own closet. If I dig deep enough I find oldies but goodies. 
It doesn’t matter what you wear but how you rock it 🙌🏽🕶 @revolve @aldo_shoes @aitorontoseoul
  • On Mondays we play 🕶📸, driving four kids around from scooter park to skatepark... sometimes I dream of playing in my own makeup cupboard - big girl issues 😅 @lorealmakeup #lorealinfallible
  • So much cat eye in one picture 💛⭐️ and then distracted by a bird... for some reason my little photographer says that’s ironic 😅
  • Cheers to 14 years 1 month and 28 days to #us @glampingcanada 
This year we are Glamping ❣️
  • There is only one way to be truly cool for the summer 💧
  • Tonight is the Night - see you @ottawabluesfest you can tell I have my rockstar face on 📸

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