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My Life As A Socialite – Bed Bath And Beyond

Happy Friday Lovely Friends

Today is shaping up to be a perfect day. Now that I have your company im all set. Thank you for stopping by.

With the labour Day weekend here its just another excuse to throw a party. I I teamed up with none other than . 

Im not ready to say goodbye to summer and nothing screams BRUNCH more than a Lemony Spritzer.I have officially called this my summer drink-) I thought of a get together about a week ago but knew that I needed a few pieces that were gorgeous yet affordable. Hell yes, I mean thats every hosts dream! I walked into the store not knowing what to expect and can I tell you that I was SO IMPRESSED.

I initially scheduled in an hour to look around but lets just say 2.5hrs later I was finally done. Bed Bath and Beyond is a one stop shop for the entire household. What makes a good host you ask, well I happen to think im a professional in this department. I grew up in a huge family and I loved making things extra special for our guests. There is a certain style and grace when the place is well decorated and the company just adds the extra spice to the occasion.



My beautiful daughter #minime helped lay out the spread and suggested adding some greenery from our country garden. I have to admit this took setup to the next level. The element of marble dinnerware, crystal stemware, cast iron trays and a super versatile 6 in one server. We managed to find a 4 gallon party tub which was just so handy and beautiful aswell.


Janoska Lemon Spritz RECIPE

1 Fresh lemon and Lime

500ml Sparking Water or Soda Water

250ml Orange Juice (Fresh is preferred)

40z Kettle One Botanical Vodka (Optional

Place all of the ingredients into a pitcher or punch bowl 

Your guests will be #bubbly and keep coming back for top ups assured -)

I love serving this drink in a fancy champagne flute with a gorgeous paper straw.

The next question is what do we serve with the fresh and zesty cocktail. I decided to go with a medium bodied french brie topped with seasonal peaches. Its a good idea to warm the naan bread in the BBQ or oven on extremely low to pair things up in the cast iron pans which retain heat perfectly.

The main meal comprised of a seasonal green salad and salmon (Yum Yum)

We couldn’t help but add homemade vanilla, coconut cupcakes just to ensure our guests would never leave -serves in mini stainless bowls with a gold utensils to up the level of cuteness. Pintrest is such a fabulous resource for the beginner host to an advanced host who just wants to change things up. Question is, are you coming to my next party?

I want to hear your tips and tricks?. As much I love hosting and so eager to learn new things aswell. Until next time, have a lovely day and see you on the gram.




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Merry Ho Ho Ho ~ We finally got a family picture

The holidays can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Each year I get so excited to take the perfect family picture and the entire family just runs away to play in the snow or whip up some cookies in my perfectly curated outfits. This year was a little different! I caught them off guard at 7.30am and set everything up beforehand-)).

I know what your thinking, thats sooo smart. I gave them a quick breakfast of Eggo’s and fruit. I also told them a few white lies about how Santa is always watching. Unfortunately they are getting older and they are on to my every word. My 7 year old then advised me that is literally impossible because Santa is old and needs more rest these days (Boo Hoo) thats true! and then he said I say the same thing every year (Thats true too)

I got them perfectly lined up and wouldn’t you know I forgot my lense in another bag. I left them alone for 5 mins and a crazy fight broke out over Christmas lists and candy over the holidays. (This is the reason parents drink wine at night-))

We solved that issue and set up again! With 2 kids happy and 2 kids grumpy and a perfect timer we shot 40 photos with the hope that a few would be “The Christmas Photo” Here they are, you can tell me what you think?

Amongst all the chaos we wouldn’t change a thing. There is nothing like family and there is no place like home. We are completely blessed and this family picture will remain one of my favourites. There are many imperfections and that what makes things unique.

Lets make the holidays whatever we want them to be, lets invest in quality time and maximize on the memories. Life is short and we are trying our best each and everyday. You got this!!


Many Blessings

The Jodie and #jcrew


Photo Credit : Yours Truly

PJ’s : La Vie en Rose


Love this picture so much. Your never too old to make a special wish. He is crossing his fingers hard for an iPhone X -))

Its literally impossible to get everyone in the picture, perfectly happy and behaved. A picture is worth 1000 words and memories and im just feeling #blessed. 

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