About me

Hi Im Jodie, a South African born lifestyle content creator and mother of 4.

My journey started back in 2012 when I was headhunted for my first commercial modeling and acting job. Much to my surprise I loved it and the mere process of trying something I never did before, has opened so many doors for me. First and foremost, Im so grateful that this platform which has given me a voice and a way to connect with people from different parts of the world in the areas of fashion, lifestyle, travel, and beauty.

I have so much passion within me and it brings me pure joy to share my day to day life. Behind every pretty picture is a story of life’s unfiltered chaotic moments.

I love inspiring others to see the world through storytelling and my ability to connect with others.
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Fun Facts About Me:

  • Guilty of being positive and energetic
  • I immigrated to Canada when I was 22 years old by myself.
  • I am addicted to audible books.
  • I went to Chef School, then Fashion Design School and ended up at the
    Canadian School of Natural Nutrition for Holistic Welness
  • Travel Addict
  • Strong Believer in Quality over Quantity