Daily Affirmations In Times Of Change

Its time to release and Breathe Deeply

What a time in life! It seems like we are being tested each day and if you are anything like me I wish I could heal the world. Its completely impossible to do but our energy sets the tone. I wanted to make a list of mantras that I found uplifting, inspiring, and affirming. Some of these are my personal favourites, and others Ive learnt from you. Take the ones that work for you and leave the rest for another time. Honestly, the simple act of reading through these has completely inspired me over the last few weeks. We are all HUMAN, CAPABLE and WORTHY of doing BIG things. I hope this list of mantras helps you start and end your day on the right foot. I hope it moves you to be the change you would like to see in the world. Feelings are temporary and change with the seasons.

Start With These

I am worthy

I am smart

I am strong

I am brave

I am unique

I am willing to learn

I am special

I am kind

I am accepting

I am a good friend

I am capable

I can make a change

I am beautiful inside and out

I am enough

I can do this

I am perfectly imperfect

I am a good listener

I am important

I am heard

I love my body

I love others

I can do hard things

I was born for this

I am helpful

I am healthy

I am confident

I am giving and receiving abundant love

I am exactly where I am supposed to be

I am me and that’s great

I have a beautiful heart

I can make a difference

I am valued

I matter

I have a purpose

I am independent

I am courageous

I am kind to everyone

I am unapologetically me

I am special

Set Your Intensions For a Beautiful Day

For those that feel Anxious:

Fear doesn’t control me

I will be set free

Nobody owns me

I am ok I am safe

I will not allow anyone to steal my joy today

This too shall pass

I am a bright light


Today is a good day

Thank you for another day

Today I’m going to do my best

Big things can happen today





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