Creative Date Night Ideas At Home


We have been home together in Quarantine Mode playing teacher, chef, camp leader and many more hats over the last few months. It has been a lot of fun ,but I wanted to do something special for the hubby without leaving the house. The gorgeous weather sets the stage for the perfect outdoor scene. I can assure you that it is way cheaper than going out even though thats fun as well.

The Perfect Outdoor Romantic Setup

So many people ask me whats my ideal date night now that we have many kids (4). Ive been making a list and here are some ideas. All my date nights include bubbles (Thats just the beverage we enjoy as a couple)

1.Dinner Over Candlelight

Whether you are cooking or ordering in this is always a thoughtful and special idea.A fun way to elevate the mood and meal off course.

2. Making the meal together

I recently found a company called (CHEF COOK IT) – this is a meal service for the busy family and the food is high quality and takes under 30 min to prepare. We personally love this brand.

3. Do a puzzle together

This always brings us lots of joy and its another excuse to share bubbles and laughs. Layout a snack board or Charcuterie board and your set.

4. Paint Night

We don’t need to be artists to enjoy a paint night setup. Creating memories can be as cheap or expensive as you want it be. Its 100% hilarious!!

5. Lets DIY it

I would consider us to be pretty crafty couple but taste often differs. Its completely normal but doing a project together helps us to understand the other persons creative process.

6. The Movie Marathon

Life doesn’t always give us the luxuries of watching movies often but I enjoy a good movie marathon on occasion. A chance to overdose of popcorn and bubbles -)

7.Would you Rather? or Twister

I recently found these games on amazon and they are the best.

The ideas don’t always fall under romantic fun but they are nostalgic.

Date Night At The Cottage

8.Outdoors Fires and Smores

One of my personal favourites at the cottage. I sometimes make up a kit basket like we are glamping an we wait till the stars come out. A sky full of tiny bight stars is truly magical.

9. Scotch Samplers

My husband is a scotch lover and its so fun to try a few and talk about the the process of finding a taste that suits the other person. A good cheese board is a must!

10. Going through old pictures and videos

I used to print pictures all the time but over the last few years the pictures are all stored on our phones. the videos too! it takes a few hours to make a slide show and pictures are truly so special. I like to pair this with a fondue setup and the kids often join in the date night fun.

The no rules, hope this helps you to find creative ways to spice things up with or without kids buzzing around.



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