Going Virtual With Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)

This picture makes me laugh (I forgot my shoes at home) when I was packing.

Life is a constant series of changes. This year has been a challenging time for not only myself, but my community aswell. I am a person that is a total optimistic but I have found myself feeling doubtful and disheartened at times. I have to remember that at the end of the day we are all HUMAN. The road is not always easy and there are lessons along the way. The only option is too adapt and stay connected somehow.

The POWER of a smile

Im eager to hear from you? How have you been copying during this pandemic? You probably wondering why im all dressed up here! Today I was invited to join a VIRTUAL party hosted by YSL. Pretty cool indeed! I jumped on the call and was blown away by the number of attendees around the globe. I put on my favourite YSL creamy lipstick and poured a glass of Champagne for the occasion. There was a live DJ and a VIRTUAL POWDER ROOM. We all had our moment to show off some dance moves and feel totally uplifted for over an hour.


During that call I found myself happy to see the community come together. Smiling and happy faces! I got so many messages on instagram asking me about my makeup look and I decided to list them below for you lovely ladies.

Lets get Virtual

The most beautiful make up of a women is her passion