I Started A Daily Show – Amazon LIVE TV

I Started A Daily Show – Amazon LIVE TV

Hello, Beautiful Friends – I know its been a while since we last connected and I apologize in advance. Life sometimes gets so busy and I get easily pre occupied. Im so thrilled to share that I’ve started a brand new Daily LIVE STREAMING SHOW on Amazon. I know you are probably so confused because it’s such a new platform and getting traction everyday. It is a new interactive way for my followers to watch me and learn from topics like, Beauty, fashion, Home Decor and Fast Cooking Ideas just to name a few.


Im just sitting here planning the weeks LIVE STREAMING SHOWS and I thought of my community.


This is MY STOREFRONT and page on Amazon. Please follow me on Amazon Live Today so I can continue to spend time with you on a daily basis. I cant wait to host you there. I am hosting a $500 GIVEAWAY for all New FOLLOWERS on the SHOW. Join the Amazon Live Community Today. xo Jodie

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