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Merry Ho Ho Ho ~ We finally got a family picture

The holidays can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Each year I get so excited to take the perfect family picture and the entire family just runs away to play in the snow or whip up some cookies in my perfectly curated outfits. This year was a little different! I caught them off guard at 7.30am and…

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BTL Emsculpt – 20 000 Squats in 30 Minutes NO Problem!

BTL EMSCULPT® to Improve Shape and Tone Your Stomach and Buttocks Let me start off by staying you WILL NOT have to do 20 000 squats or crunches -)) I went in the Ottawa Skin Clinic a few months ago to try and find a solution for my Abdomen and Butt. My main concern was muscle toning and fat loss…

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Making Time For Us – Finding JOY

My husband and I had a beautiful anniversary weekend away from the busy lives we lead with four kids. Its hard to steal moments to nurture our every growing relationship. After four kids and the chores that life has on a daily basis. Here are a few thoughts about making time for ‘US’ Random Thoughts (But So True) We believe…

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