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The Game of Life

“You can’t get it done in one day, but you can get it done one day” Isn’t that the honest truth. Fitness is an absolutely personal journey. I am a huge advocate of slow and gradual = long term results. There is no magic pill or secret quick-fix formula. I can’t even begin to explain how many people approach me on…

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Things to do in Ottawa / Quoi faire à Ottawa | Ottawa Tourism

Sometimes in life, we get amazing doors that open and it is up to us to embrace these opportunities. I got offered an amazing chance to film with the crew for Ottawa tourism.…

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The Real Deal

In the world of modelling people always think everyone is a Victoria’s Secret runway model but the reality is everyday people selling everyday things. People always ask what kind of modelling i do? My answer is that I’m a commercial model. There is a pause and I go on to explain all the details. Fashion modelling is runway and major…

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