When Life Gives Us Lemons?

When Life Gives Us Lemons?

Sometimes despite our best efforts life gets out of control. Even for the most chilled people out there! We have great intentions and deep wishes but stress, crazy schedules and anxiety get the better of us. You are not alone Babe!

I have four kids, I work around the clock , own 2 businesses and I love cooking for my family. Prioritizing exercise, quality time for friends and family and being of service where I can. I forgot about the mountains off laundry pile up for all 6 of us. I more I say the word out load, my hearts beats faster and I start to feel warm from head to toe. Thats nerves!

Finding ways to chill through life’s continual cycle is an art. My favourite hobby is to listen to podcasts and I have a few wonderful recommendations for you.

Podcast List





Now that you have all these amazing podcasts you are going to listen to beautiful stories and guidance from real people. I have a few other options that I have tried aswell. Have you ever tried meditation? I found myself thinking of this word and immediately concluded that it was not for me. I can be silly sometimes and its all part of growing into a wiser adult! Beginning a new ritual can be tricky and uncomfortable at first. I have recently found out that meditation can be as easy and sitting straight up , closing my eyes ,feeling my breathe and softening my expression. Just WOW! A form of total and absolute peace.

I learnt a lot from this Book – Goop https://amzn.to/3e5oiUC by The Editors of Goop

“It is possible to live in peace.” Mahatma Gandhi

Its always so amazing to share what I’ve learnt you. It not only being me joy but a huge smile aswell.



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