Taking My Health & Fitness Game into 2021

My Health & Fitness
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My Fitness and Wellness Journey

My fitness and wellness journey is something that I have wanted to share with you for some time, and as we approach the end of 2020, I feel that the timing could not be more perfect. With the majority of us making resolutions for the New Year, I have made the commitment to take my health and fitness game into 2021. With so many resources available from the comfort of your home, there really is no excuse to neglect your health and fitness, especially as we approach our long Canadian winter!

Advanced Testing: VO2 Max and GeneBlueprint

VO2 Max Testing

Prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, I was fortunate enough to visit the Peak Centre for Human Performance, Ottawa for a VO2 Max Test. This test was performed while I ran on a treadmill while being connected to a machine that analyses my expired air. It allowed the trained specialists and myself to see how much oxygen I use during exercise, determining the maximum I can potentially consume while training. The VO2 Max Test gave me important insight into how long I can sustain a certain intensity of exercise. Ultimately, I am more focused on what is more beneficial for me, short and extended exercise patterns. After my test, the specialists referred me to another form of testing, GeneBlueprint.


Now this I have to say has probably been the most interesting and beneficial testing for me. It has completely eliminated the guesswork, especially with my fitness, diet and what I am best suited to. GeneBlueprint were kind enough to send me a saliva DNA Collection Kit that took less than 10 minutes to complete, along with the online registration. I shipped back my sample to have my DNA analysed by specialists detecting 10 million genetic variants using state-of-the-art technology. The specialists then computed genetic prediction scores for 20+ unique traits, creating personalized fitness and nutrition plans that have perfectly aligned with my fitness goals and lifestyle.

Taking My Health & Fitness Game into 2021
GeneBlueprint has allowed me to change my diet & exercise to fit in with my family lifestyle.

Embracing Mindfulness in Everyday Life

One thing that I have come to realise is that mindfulness practices are necessary for both our physical and mental health. It has the ability to regulate emotions, anxiety and decrease stress while focusing on our thoughts and feelings. I have found that the GOOP platform has been extremely helpful with inspiring me when it comes to mindful mediation. I love their resources and articles, aiding readers to get closer to wellness and discovering what that means to each individual. Whether I take 5 minutes to meditate, relax by the pool or spend an hour doing yoga, I have made it a priority to set time aside for me, to cultivate that sense of inner peace. Mindfulness has been an important part of my wellness journey, helping me in all aspects, including exercise and diet.

Tailoring Exercise & Fitness to My Genetic Makeup

The GeneBlueprint analysis has allowed me to see what exercise my body is best suited to. It was determined that I am best suited for cardio training with short and extended patterns. The Melissa Wood Health program has helped me sculpt my body through precise and low impact movements. With a monthly membership I have been able to follow 15-60 minute workouts, that combine pilates, yoga, and light weights, helping me tone my body in the most impactful, yet convenient way. Melissa Wood Health has given me the flexibility to workout when I want to, regardless of the time of day, with their whole archive of videos and resources. The Class by Taryn Toomey is another program that I swear by. Through repetitive cardio and strength-based exercises, Taryn Toomey has created transformative workouts for the body and mind. With guided instruction and powerful music, I have been able to experience a mind and heart-clearing release while building a strong and resilient body. Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products were kind enough to send me some outstanding fitness equipment that have had a vital role in my fitness progress. Their resistance bands, bosu balls and foam rollers have really helped increasing my core stability, alleviating any muscle pain after training. Involving my family with exercise and fitness is something that I have particularly enjoyed this past year. I love seeing everyone achieve their goals and achieving them together makes the experience so much more wholesome!

Optimizing Diet & Nutrition Based on Genetic Insights

Food plays a huge part when it comes to my wellness journey, after all, they do say abs are made in the kitchen! With the DNA analysis done by GeneBlueprint I have been able to stop experimenting with fad diets. I now understand how my body actually metabolises the different food groups, ultimately determining the best meal guideline for me. GeneBlueprint determined that my body best responds to a diet that is composed of high protein and moderate carbohydrates and fats. The DNA analysis also determined that I show sensitivity to dairy, with favourability to spicy and sour tastes. I love that I can combine family time with nutrition, and involving the kids when it comes to cooking healthy and balanced meals. We all love spending time together making our delicious meals and snacks. Teaching my children the importance of using fresh produce and what a healthy meal is composed of, not only sets them up for a healthy lifestyle, they are also gaining valuable life skills.

In the kitchen with the kids!
Spending happy moments over food as a family

I hope you enjoyed reading about what resources and equipment I use, and will continue to use for my wellness journey!

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