THE #1 TRICK TO HEALTHY HAIR -Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

Don’t we all want soft and silky hair for life?

I was gifted this gorgeous Dyson Supersonic limited edition with the leather case last year and I finally have a moment to share my thoughts with you. It’s really my go-to tool to dry my thick hair fast and efficiently.


Its true that when it first came out I was questioning the value for money. It is an investment but Dyson is such an impressive company. They put so much into each and every product on the market. I also added the brush and comb to my set during mothers day.

We get so many compliments on our hair because of the shine and healthy looking appearance. I believe that we are saving money in the long run. I now manage my hair low maintenance. Thanks to Dyson’s amazing performance in protecting my hair to extreme heat and cutting down my drying time, I also have no more issue using a flat iron to straighten my hair because it does the work for me. I couldn’t be more happy about the results and achievement my hair has achieved because of using Dyson Supersonic.

Sassy and Mommy Time

I don’t know why I haven’t gotten this product sooner. It truly is worth it of its price tag! and now I can’t leave the house and travel without it. My little girl is a Dyson fan for life and knows every item that comes out before I do. She volunteers to dry and comb my hair which is such a treat. Creating special moments is also another big aspect within the Dyson family.https://

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