Charlotte Tilbury Crush

Not Sponsered

For those of you that have been following me for a while now on Instagram, you know that I’m 100% obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury makeup and skincare.

Just this morning I woke up and started playing in my makeup cabinet and 2 hours later BOOM I came up with this Green Goddess inspired look. The brand is definitely luxurious on many different levels and I follow the trends like a beauty religion. The list below features my TOP SELECTION!!!!

The Wishlist of a QUEEN
  1.  Multi Miracle Glow My absolute number one favorite.  This product is a skin miracle.  It’s not only a luxurious makeup remover, but also a moisturizing mask treatment and dry skin savior.  It smells like gardenias and it is heavenly to use.  It’s been incorporated into my nightly routine by using it to remove makeup.  I massage it into my skin and breathe in the intoxicating aroma.  Leaving it on for as long as I can before removing it, I then follow with my other skin care products.  You can purchase the smaller trial size to be sure that you love it as much as I do. 
  2.  Hollywood Beauty Light Wand :One of the first products that I purchased, and I am still loving it.  It’s so fun for an amped up highlight look.  I make a “C” shape from the top of my brow to the tops of my cheek bones and blend with my beauty blender.
  3. Vintage Vamp Luxury Palette: My go to night time eye look.  These palettes are brilliant because they include a step by step quad of colors including a prime, enhance, smoke and pop shade to create a foolproof look.
  4. Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask:  I am going to make a bold confession by announcing that I hate sheet masks!  They are a total mess and they never fit quite right on my face.  I also never know if I even have the right side facing my skin!  That is, until I found this one.  This sheet mask is indeed revolutionary!  It is dry meaning that there is no slimy mess to deal with and I love the way it attaches to your ears so that you can still move around while wearing it.  I use it before a night out because it makes my skin absolutely glowing. These are available in a single as well as a multi pack which you can bet I will be purchasing next.  
  5. Hollywood Flawless Filter:  Perfect for wearing under your foundation.  It gives you that lit from within glow. Easily on the must have list.
  6. Pillowtalk Luxury Palette: This palette just recently came back into stock after being sold out for months.  I wear this in the daytime for a subtle eye look that is beautiful.  
  7. Lipcheat Liner in Pillow Talk:  I own several of these lip liners because I wear it so much.  I keep one in my makeup bag and one in my purse.  It is the most perfect pink liner that mimics the color of your own lips for a stay-all-day look.  
  8. Kissing Lipstick in Bitch Perfect:  This name is sassy!!! but girl, it is the perfect nude-pink shade ever. 
  9. Magic Cream:  Talk about GOALS….Charlotte’s Magic Cream.  Seriously on another level, this moisturizer is packed full of good stuff to make your skin glow.  Pricey, but worth it. WORTH IT I TELL YOU!

I am literally giving you all my secrets here and now….Take a sneak peak LADIES: