Looking Expensive On A BUDGET


This is the most common question I get from my audience and im excited to share with you lovely girls! Looking expensive doesn’t necessarily mean designer labels from head to toe. It is not attainable and way too high maintenance. In my option an overload of designer labels makes you look less expensive to the everyday person.

Here are a few top tips that I learnt over the years that are guaranteed to get you dozens of compliments. Trust me!

1. Great skin is your #1 asset. Take care of yourself an invest in products that well suit your skin type. There are tons of great drugstore products that are well worth it and I have in my kit personally.

2. Give your hair some love. I do coconut oil treatments every two weeks at home, followed by a deep shampoo/condition and blowout. My top fake high maintenance looks is either sleek back pony/bun or a huge Hollywood Glam style blowout. Turning heads has never been easier.

3. Invest in black and nude patent shoes/handbags. I learnt this is one of my girlfriends and wow she made a huge difference in my style. A shiny patent piece elevates your outfit goals to the next level. So we have covered skin, hair and now shiny pieces! Whats next

4. One word…BLACK -Black is a colour that goes with everything. Compliments so many different body shapes and makes you look VIP each time you enter a room. I have invested more money in black blazers, trench coats, slacks and pencil skirts. This is part of my capsule collection. These pieces will live in your closet forever.

5.Makeup Time! there are two looks that I pull of well and im sure that you will too. The first one is a NUDE makeup look and the next is called BOLD. My bold colour is RED. The picture above is a good example of how it all comes together. What do you think?

5.Eye Glasses – This is a good time to share that im addicted to glasses and sunshades. The cat eye is my favourite and makes me feel chic and sophisticated. I blame TOM FORD for this cat eye addiction. You can find amazing drops of the designer brand that makes you look expensive every time.

So ladies, I hope these 5 tips help you to start your own expensive #ootd #lookbook. Share them with me pretty please.

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