Time To Spring Clean

Searching Deep Into My Closet This Spring

The fluctuating weather definity means Spring is here. The birds are getting pretty noisy aswell. With this change in season comes a primal urge to organize, thus the word “spring cleaning”. Spring cleaning could mean different things to each person. Some may tackle their pantry, car, garage, office and personality I head to my closet first. A sex in the city kind of party with a glass of bubbly and a FaceTime Poll with my girlfriends. I would consider myself an organized person but things get out of control sometimes.

Ladies, its time. Make a date on your calendar and lets take a deep dive. Spring is here and it’s time to do your seasonal closet swap. We are all pulling out our warm weather clothes and shoes, and even hitting the stores to pick up some of the latest spring fashions. So now is the perfect opportunity to get your closet organized! Carve out a few hours this weekend and follow these same five tips that we use with our clients, and enjoy the beauty and manageability of a well-organized closet! You’ll be amazed at how much time you save simply by knowing where everything is, being able to actually see it all, and knowing that it fits. The added bonus is the peace and tranquility that a well-organized closet will bring you each morning and each evening. My husband will be particularly happy aswell.

Tips to Spring Clean Your Closet

#1 Purge

This is the hardest and most dreaded task, yet it’s one of the most important steps in the organizing process. When taking inventory, ask yourself these four important questions:

  • Do I like it?
  • Do I wear it?
  • Does it fit?
  • Does it need repair?

For example, you might be afraid to get rid of your favorite tattered sweater from your 20’s because of all the great memories associated with it. Remember, you will still have the memories even without the sweater! You might also fret about getting rid of an item you splurged on, feeling like you should keep it because it was so expensive. Wrong again! In fact, every time you look at that item it may trigger feelings of guilt and anxiety. Yet another great reason to send it packing! And don’t forget the one-year rule. If you haven’t worn it in a year, it’s probably time to remove it from your closet. So sad I know! Each peace holds a little emotion. Im beginning to sound like Marie Kondo now. This book brought me so much joy! The life changing magic of tidying up and sparking joy. Here is a link to that brilliant book https://amzn.to/2wm7l7n

Donating items gives you a sense of satisfaction knowing someone else will enjoy them as much as you have. Consider donating your clothes, shoes and handbags to charitable organizations. I do this each season. A small principle that goes such a long way. I personally like Dress for Success and our local shift store in support of a local hospital.

‘Its not how much we give, but the love we put into giving’ Mother Theresa

2. Ask the tough questions.
Besides the cliché question of when you last wore something. You should come at your closet with a barrage of hard-hitting questions to help you scale back (and yes, they make us more than a little uncomfortable). These include asking yourself:

  • How did I feel the last time I wore this?
  • Is upkeep for this piece a pain? (i.e. do I have to iron this every time I wear it, does it easily show wear and tear, is it dry clean only? Is all of the hassle worth it?)
  • Is this a representation of my ‘fantasy self’? or will I actually wear it?
  • Do I need to be a certain weight to wear this and feel good in it?

3. Organize


“Storing clothing in beautiful bins makes a huge difference.. If the closet is smaller, like my kids closets I like to add labels to the bins so they know what’s in them, and where to put clothes away once they’ve been washed. “The trick is for every single item to have a home of its own. Just like your toothbrush and toothpaste are always in the same place, so should the rest of your belongings be.

4. Create Your Dream Space


“Never underestimate the beauty of having all the same hangers—that visual goes a long way for both beauty and functionality. I am a fan of wooden or velvet black hangers because they create some breathing room between garments. Face hangers in the same direction and take shoes out of their boxes. I like clothes to “rise to the right” from longest to shortest. If you have a larger closet and can spare the space. I also recommends keeping one shelf free of clothes and displaying decor to personalize the space. (So chic)

5. Plan A Day (Grab a glass of wine)

Before embarking on the closet-cleaning journey, be sure to set a day aside specifically for it. If you think it’s something that you can do at the spur of a moment, you couldn’t be more incorrect. This is a half day’s worth of work if not more. 

If you don’t plan accordingly, you could easily become distracted. Make sure you have a day set in stone on your calendar for getting the job done.

More than anything else, get into the frame of mind that your doing something amazing. Its a feel good job that takes time.