DIY -Aloe and Brown Sugar GODDESS Face Scrub

Its Time To Do a DIY MASK

Im not sure about you ladies but I love a good natural mask. Ive gotten into a routine of incorporating natural elements into my lifestyle and its so a game changer. I recently purchased my forth ALOE plant because im that obsessed. My little girl is taking after her mom and beats me to the test each week with another cool idea. This week we tried an ALOE and BROWN SUGAR combo. It was dreamy and I had to share!

DIY -What goes into the Mask?

2 to 3 ingredients ONLY!

Aloe and Brown Sugar MASK/SCRUB

Brown sugar has been an amazing exfoliator. You can use this ingredient to clean all the dead skin cells on your face. In this, brown sugar and aloe vera face mask, we have everyday ingredients in our kitchen. And homemade brown sugar face mask is good for all skin. So, both dry and oily faces will fall in love with this DIY mask.Here, we just use simple and basic ingredients. You do not need any essential oils like lavender, tea tree or any complicated steps. Brown sugar will help you to have brighter skin. Additionally, your skin tone can become  light and even. For aloe gel, you will get smooth skin. This gel has hundreds of benefits for your skin. Aloe Vera gel will be a part of your daily skincare routine.

  • 2 tablespoons of fresh (you can use bottled as well) aloe gel
  • 1 pinch of brow sugar (you can use white sugar if you do not have brown sugar)
  • A drop of your favourite essential oil (we used peppermint)


  • Add fresh (or bottled) Aloe Vera gel and brown sugar (or white sugar) in a bowl.
  • Mix all of these two ingredients.
  • Your homemade brown sugar and Aloe Vera face mask is completed in just few seconds.

How to Apply Brown Sugar and Aloe Vera Face mask

DIY brown sugar and Aloe Vera face mask cone be used couple of times per week. It is super easy to use this mask on your face. Gently massage your face with your fingers. You need this step to exfoliate your dead skin cells. You can also use this mask on your neck. This way, you can remove the dead skin cells on your neck area.
After applying this mask on your face with gentle massage moves, you can keep the mask on for about 5 minutes. Then, you can wash your face with cool or warm water.

Your skin with be fresh, exfoliated and super soft to the touch.

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