Entertaining For the SUMMER – Lemon Spritz Recipe

Hello Beautiful Friends…Im not sure about you but I am dreaming of having every meal in Summer Style.

My #minime helping in the kitchen

Today is shaping up to be a perfect day. Now that I have your company I’m all set. Thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate you being here.

With the summer nearly upon us, its just another excuse to throw a party in your backyard with the family. I’m getting so much of inspiration from Pintrest recently. I’m beginning to feel like Martha Stewart.

My beautiful daughter #minime helped lay out the spread and suggested adding some greenery from our country garden. I have to admit this took setup to the next level. The element of marble dinnerware, crystal stemware, cast iron trays and a super versatile 6 in one server. We managed to find a 4 gallon party tub which was just so handy and beautiful aswell.

Janoska Lemon Spritz RECIPE

1 Fresh lemon and Lime

500ml Sparking Water or Soda Water

250ml Orange Juice (Fresh is preferred)

40z Kettle One Botanical Vodka (Optional) Adults Only

Place all of the ingredients into a pitcher or punch bowl 

Your guests will be #bubbly and keep coming back for top ups assured -)

I love serving this drink in a fancy champagne flute with a gorgeous paper straw.

The next question is what do we serve with the fresh and zesty cocktail. I decided to go with a medium bodied french brie topped with seasonal peaches. Its a good idea to warm the naan bread in the BBQ or oven on extremely low to pair things up in the cast iron pans which retain heat perfectly.

The main meal comprised of a seasonal green salad and salmon (Yum Yum)

We couldn’t help but add homemade vanilla, coconut cupcakes just to ensure our guests would never leave -serves in mini stainless bowls with a gold utensils to up the level of cuteness. Pintrest is such a fabulous resource for the beginner host to an advanced host who just wants to change things up. Question : What is your favourite season to host?

I want to hear your tips and tricks. As much I love hosting and so eager to learn new things as well. Until next time, have a lovely day and see you on the gram.




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