“Smile a little more each day and Regret a little Less”

“Smile a little more each day and Regret a little Less”

Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity. We live in a world that is so fast moving with a million  opinions flying up and down each second. In and amidst the chaos i always make time to smile. Smile for no reason and own it! Stand out like a wild flower in the desert.  Recently i have been thinking that i don’t want to live a life of regrets, its an absolute waste of valuable time. I have chatted to so many people over the years and there is one common theme of regrets and if only i could go back in time”. Truth is, you can, anything is possible if you believe.

I have a little random story for you, don’t worry its a good one:}

I came to Canada back in 2003 and I have always admired Canadians getting outside and embracing the winter season. In my heart i have wanted to learn how to skate, ski, snowboard (you get the idea) and put it off because i was fearful of 1. Falling 2.Failing 3. Wondering what other people thought of my me. So this year i decided to cheat on my family (lol) and take secret skating lessons with a wonderful circle of new immigrants to Canada. What an amazing journey if has been. Turns out that they needed me as much as i needed them. Each lesson i show up with a bright smile and fresh look of enthusiasm. In turn we skate and i give my new friends all the tips about my first beginnings in Ottawa.  Through this experience i have 1. Forgot about falling, failing or what others think of me 3. AND i skate like a pro beginner now)) Im just progressing as we are meant to in life. I think the idea here is that sometimes we just need to commit. I hope this has inspired you to take that art lesson, or attend that yoga class you have wanted to for a while now or roller blade for the first time. Once you do something-its never your first time at anything. You Rock!

Let me know what you are gonna try next, i would love to hear about it

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