How to Prepare for a Photoshoot and Create Stunning Images:

Everyone wants to know the secret to taking gorgeous pictures. We live in a digital age and not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. I recently had a shoot after a very long time and I was worried that I wouldn’t feel the way I did post Quarantine. With the correct photographer and mood anything is possible. There are certain tips and tricks you can use to help you unwind and get camera ready. Take a look at how phenomenal these images came out -Photo Credit Katrina @koko_king_01

Pre determine the MOOD…I personally draw inspiration from my daily life. Sometimes I also get stuck and cant find ideas but a MOOD BOARD helps so much.

These pictures are shot in black and white (which is so classic) but I also love bright and vibrant colours. Discuss concepts with the person shooting your images. I always have a private mood board on pintrest and discuss my ideas. Looking at the week long weather forecast is highly recommend. This particular shoot was between the hours of 5 and 9 pm here in Canada.

How to Prepare for a Photoshoot and Create Stunning Images
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1. Study yourself and find those angles. Look at past photos and decide what you like and don’t like. Keep an open mind because we are very critical and this may be stopping the creative process.

2. Clothes play a big role in our overall feelings. There is a reason why you reach for your favourites out your closet every time. For example, prints don’t always photograph well. Black may be too harsh in dark lighting and some things are just outdated. (It doesn’t have to match, it has to go together and feel GOOD.)

3.Practice makes perfect! The mirror can be your new best friend with zero judgement. The simple gestures can take a picture from good to great. The simplicity of your gestures and smile great the WOW effect. There are so many resources for poses and angles. When I first started I used to study old magazines.

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4. Simple makeup is always the way to go. I match up the perfect foundation and concealer to hide blemishes, acne and scars. A nude to Rose lip and double mascara of course. Take a look at this post on my Charlotte Tilbury Favourites.

5. Lets talk hair. I have very thick hair and I don’t like to try new styles on the day of a photoshoot. Usually I wash my hair in advance (the day before) and blow dry it straight and curl my hair loosely for some natural waves. Always pack hair spray and your favourite Boar bristle brush for fly aways.

6. Nails: The images present better with neutral manicures and hydrated skin. Its something that I have learnt overtime but helps immensely.

Don’t forget to get into the headspace of having FUN. At the end of the day if something isn’t fun, its so hard to get what your hoping for out of the EFFORT your putting in. Time is a valuable ASSET.

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