Spring Fling -Drumroll-Exciting Times

Spring Fling -Drumroll-Exciting Times

I’m like every other person in North America-Rejoicing that the winter is finally over and its time to bring out the cute outfits and get the party started asap!

I started my shopping journey in my closet. Thats correct, I don’t even know what I own after 6 months of a cold spell.

Loving this cute outfit under $100 @zara @hmcanada @marshalls

-I encourage you to dig deep into your closet.

-Start Spring cleaning

-Get rid of anything that doesn’t flatter your already gorgeous shape.

-Put a lookbook together for the season and get ahead of your closet game.


Drop me a message on @joudelj and tell me what you found ?

Bring out your inner Carey Bradshaw -))



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