The Game of Life

The Game of Life

“You can’t get it done in one day, but you can get it done one day” Isn’t that the honest truth. Fitness is an absolutely personal journey. I am a huge advocate of slow and gradual = long term results. There is no magic pill or secret quick-fix formula. I can’t even begin to explain how many people approach me on a daily basis to ask how I achieved my fitness goals. The quick answer is… with a lot of failing and starting again. Its a total mind game. Anyone can buy a fitness plan but we have to be accountable to ourselves and that’s scary! I’m a mother of four kids under 10. Time is not endless in a day. My success involves preparing to succeed. One day at a time and feeling amazing about my choices…

Tip #1   Let’s control our stress levels. Nothing in life can happen if you are in a stressed state of mind. Stay tuned; the best is yet to come.


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