Motivation 101

Motivation 101


“If you don’t challenge you, you won’t change you.”

Even the most motivated people feel low and discouraged at times. It’s hard to accept that doors close in life even though we know something bigger and greater is right around the corner.

Someone once told me to create a vision board of things I want to be, see and do. When I put this together I felt both fearful and excited because it was out in the open. Essentially it was exactly what I needed and what you might need as well. I think of life 13 years ago arriving in Canada young and alone, very far from South Africa. I have flashbacks of what I thought was unattainable and all the reasons why those dreams Could not come true. There was a little voice pushing me forward, inch by inch. We sometimes choose to avoid those voices but they are REAL.

This is the first lesson I learned ….. Rejection is Protection.

I had to challenge my thoughts to change my circumstances. THAT is when the BIG Magic happens!

Own your story and stay motivated.

Here’s some Food for Thought…

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